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doTERRA will send you a 1099 postmarked January 31 or sooner. If you don’t have your 1099 by mid-February, contact doTERRA Business Advancements Team.

For tax record keeping, contact an accountant and they can help you. It is well worth the money for an accountant. Our accountant only charges us a couple hundred dollars but saves us tons. He has shown us many ways to write off expenses we knew nothing about.

Basics include:

• Mileage to and from your appointments, hotels, flights, rental cars.

• Receipts for meals or coffee when you meet and chat with people about doTERRA

• Cost of supplies, books, giveaways, organza bags, AZ guides, etc.

Every state and country are different, so it's important that you work with a professional

for your area.

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